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StrawJet History

Straw cable is produced by the StrawJet cable machine. To produce this 2” diameter cable, feedstock is highly compressed and tightly bound with a type of string by the machine.

A distinguishing feature of StrawJet building assemblies is their versatility. A wide variety of materials can be used as feedstock to create cable, including various types of cereal grain straw, hemp, palm fronds, and tobacco stalks. Different types of strings can be used as well, depending on the qualities desired. Whether you use natural strings such as hemp, jute, or cotton; photodegradable nylon string, or synthetics such as Kevlar or polyester, the cable will always be functional for any building assembly.

Once the cable has been made, it can be cut to various desired lengths, and then wrapped into either Quads or Hex columns to be used in construction. The best part is, no glues, resins, or chemicals are used in the production of the cable, making it an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and durable building component.